Unity for peace and prosperity


The Horn of Africa States (H.A.S) is an independent, vanguard global policy and research think-tank institute that aims to work towards and promote the creation of a fully integrated Horn of Africa States consisting of its four members: Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti (“SEED”), through cutting-edge engagement with universities, public and private enterprises, civil societies, governments and research institutes by providing constructive platforms, literature, and presentations to persuade the people in the Horn towards the path for lasting peace and prosperity via unity in diversity in order to confront the strategic challenges and choices as well to achieve the long overdue region’s rightful place in the International arena as was always the case throughout the history of humanity.

The SEED states in the Horn of Africa by all account are among the least developed of the developing nations. They grapple through a series of destabilizing developments including but not limited to disintegrative ethnicity, primordialism or nationalism, pre-dictated upon demands for ethnic self-determination which are the root causes of internal as well cross border conflicts. Furthermore, peace and security in the Horn of Africa region is directly and indirectly crucial for international stability and trade development.



To promote an integrated, prosperous and peaceful united Horn of Africa States whereby people in the region can live together in harmony anywhere in the territory to realize their full potentiality in order to achieve a sustainable development and represent a dynamic force in the global arena.



The HAS mission is creation, collection, and distribution of the necessary knowledge/policies that would assist the economic, political, social and cultural integration of the Horn of Africa States to form common governing institutions of the member countries.



  • Enhance the economic integration of SEED
  • Intensify the political integration of SEED.
  • Strengthen cooperation in the domestic affairs and justice of SEED.
  • Create a unified foreign and security policy of SEED.
  • Establish a common citizenship right (Travel and Residence) of SEED
  • Reverse the SEED’s old prejudices of enmity and dominance into co-existence & friendship



HAS embraced high values of Unity in Diversity, joint ownership and responsibility, Human Dignity, Accountability, Transparency and Rule of Law, we believe in integrity and creativity through the advancement of innovative solutions to achieve the main objectives of the Horn of Africa States.


H.A.S presents a way forward for the Horn of Africa region through home-grown strategies that are radical and creative, but at the same time practical, cost effective and action oriented developed by the founders:

Dr. Suleiman Walhad

Mr . Abdulkadir Sharraay FIC
Executive Vice President

HAS will engage policymakers, experts, Academicians, Houses of Knowledge and the public with innovative, fact-based research, ideas and analysis in order to advance and spread conscience on importance of establishing a sustainably secure, democratic, prosperous united Horn of Africa States.